The latest major update to the platform has brought DocExplore from version 2 to 3. This new version has seen many changes but is mostly compatible with the previous one (in particular, you can keep your home directory). However, there may be small glitches or differences when working with media files in older projects and there is always a risk of seeing parts of the software behave differently on specific hardware. Therefore, it is still possible to download the older version. Furthermore, you can safely install DocExplore version 3 next to version 2 and test it first. Version 3 contains the necessary tools to remove itself or version 2 depending on whether you choose to switch or not. You can also just keep both versions side by side.

DocExplore for Windows    

Is my Windows 32 or 64 bit?
Note: you can install the 32-bit version on a 64-bit Windows, but not the other way around

DocExplore for macOS 64 bit    

DocExplore for Linux 64 bit    

  • Installer
      • DocExplore 3.0.37
        260.0M   MD5: 8bbefab675d18401066684200030cfe8

        Note: you must give execution rights to the file before installing (under Ubuntu, you can right click on the file and choose “Properties”)